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Boat shoes will be next season’s fashion must-have according to The Fashionista. Taking the chic/geek look as its lead, women’s boat shoes will take centre stage in spring 2011. Super stylish and available in a wide range of materials, expect to look fashionable and feel comfortable with you women’s boat shoes. A more sophisticated version of the plimsoll, women’s boat shoes have the comfort of gym shoes, with the added distinction of style.

You do not need to be a boating expert to purchase a pair of women’s boating shoes; they look equally good on land than at sea. Be one-step ahead of fashion, buy a pair of women’s boat shoes, and be the envy of all around you.

Of course, designers created boat shoes to wear on board boats, hence the name, and if this is your purpose for purchasing shoes, you will certainly be fashionable aboard a yacht with a pair of women’s boat shoes this season.

Women’s boat shoes offer unprecedented comfort, are hard wearing, and beautifully designed; what more could be asked of a shoe? have women’s boat shoes available from some of the leading brands, such as SEBAGO, and are available in a wide selection of styles in a multitude of colours – suitable for both sailing and fashion purposes.

Women’s boat shoes come in a variety of materials, including leather, nubuck and canvass. The soles are hardwearing, durable rubber, which are specifically designed to offer optimum grip in wet conditions – boat owners will be pleased to learn that women’s boat shoes have also been designed to ensure shoes leave no marks on deck. Women’s boat shoes are generally made from high-quality weather-resistant materials.

Women’s boat shoes often have a narrowed foot and a shallower cut, as opposed to unisex pairs, which are wider and higher. SEBAGO is a great brand for marine shoes; they offer a broad range of style from the classic looks, to the more contemporary, funky, look.

When choosing your boat shoes, as well as considering the type of material and colour you need, also think about the style, for instance, are you looking for the relaxed, slip on style (the Salt & Pepper Shoe, for example), or the more formal, lace up variety. Depending on your needs you will want to opt for one or the other, slip on shoes are quick to put on, but lace up shoes offer more security for boating.

At you can purchase women’s boat shoes at a great price; with a great range of products, excellent customer services and secure payment methods, plus delivery straight to your door, why shop elsewhere?